Quote: As a Man Thinketh.

Read these wise words from James Allen, author of the classic book, As a Man Thinketh. “Whatever your present environment may be, you will fail, remain, or rise with your thoughts, your vision, your ideal. You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration. The thoughtless, the ignorant, and the indolent, seeing only the apparent effects of the things themselves, talk of luck, of fortune, and chance. Seeing a man grow rich, they say, ‘How lucky he is!’ Observing another become intellectual, they exclaim, ‘How highly favored he is!’ And noting the saintly character and wide influence of another, they remark, ‘How chance aids him at every turn!’

“They do not see the trials and failures and struggles which these men have voluntarily encountered in order to gain their experience; have no knowledge of the sacrifices they have made, of the undaunted efforts they have put forth, of the faith they have exercised, that they might overcome the apparently insurmountable, and realize the vision of their heart. They do not know the darkness and the heart aches; they only see the light and joy, and call it “luck’; do not see the long and arduous journey; but only behold the pleasant goal, and call it ‘good fortune,’ do not understand the process, but only perceive the result, and call it ‘chance.’

“In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result. Chance is not. ‘Gifts,’ powers, material, intellectual, and spiritual possessions are the fruits of effort; they are thoughts completed, objects accomplished, visions realized. The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart—this you will build your life by, this you will become.”

Helping Others



I have never been as happy as when I am being of service to others. I am blessed because my passion is teaching others, and I love the financial arena. I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“To teach a man how he may learn to grow independently and for himself, is perhaps the greatest service that one any can do another.”
~~Ben Jowett


Fear is a Killer

Many people feel a sense of fear when getting started. This has been on my mind lately, because, while fear is needed, it can be debilitating. Let me share a quick story.

Years ago, I was teaching a seminar/workshop here in Seattle. We went on for a day or so, and then during a break, a little old man came up to me and asked. “Wade, what if you’re so darn scared?” I had one of those brilliant moments that I rarely had. I asked a question: “What are you not scared of?”

He had $18,000 to use to help with his retirement. He hoped to make an extra $800 a month or so, if I remember correctly.

He had no answer at first. I asked, “could you risk half of $9,000?” “Oh, no, I couldn’t do that,” he said as he physically trembled. I asked, “how about $4,000?” “Ohhhhh, no, that would be too much.” “How about $2,000.” He smiled, but still didn’t like it.

I finally asked, “How about $800?” He beamed, “Yes, I could do that.”

That’s the point. Start with an amount that you’re not afraid of. Start in your comfort zone, and move out from there.

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This is a great time for the market. There is optimism blooming (at least at Outback Steakhouse) and it’s fun to watch.

Here are some random thoughts:

  1. The President met with auto-makers and Union Leaders. A good time was had by all. I think there are many surprises laying in wait.
  2. For many aspects of my investing and trading, I look to and feel the meaning behind the words: “A stock price today is based on the anticipation of future earnings. I write about it often, but today I’m going to quote to the best of my ability, the words of Maria Bartiaromo, of FBN, Fox Business News. She was speaking fast, but her words were right on.

“It’s all about growth. That’s where you’re seeing the interest stock market, as well.

In the 4th quarter so far most companies are reporting better than expected earnings

and the growth rate for the S & P (something—indistinct utterances) is 4.4%, not much,

but get used to that.

“That’s their expectations, because of these (TRUMP) expectations of policy changes

coming out and the anticipation that businesses are going to look at this (economic)

environment, and say, ‘You know what, I’m going to start taking these things off the shelf,

and say, Let’s do this thing—that investment that we’ve been waiting 8 years to do.’ ”

3.     Then another commentator stated: “Take off the handcuffs.” And then another comment by someone else: “Business has been taking it—turning full time jobs and making them part-time jobs.” And one last comment: “With the highest corporate tax rate in the world, we are driving firms overseas.”

These are powerful statements, and are indicative of changes to come. It is about growth, and creating more jobs. We as investors and Covered Call Writers love this. It is going to be a fun and exciting time.



Action Days

Things sure do seem like they’re going to get more robust. That’s a good thing.

You’ve heard me say so many times, that “We buy on rumors and sell on news (facts).”

I heard a good one the other day. “Buy on election and sell on inauguration.” It sure seems to be what happened this year.

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Last Day of November

This will not be an exhaustive study of the stock market in November, 2016. But there are several things happening that bear some discussion.

  1. They are dubbing this the “Trump Rally.” I wouldn’t want a rally named after me. The media gives, the media takes away.
  2. I’ve written extensively about the market dip, after the first few days of December, and then the rise about 10 to 15 days later. The December, third Friday, expiration date looms all over this time. After I make my comments, I often say, “but this time is different.” And you know what—this time my be different. I’ll comment as time goes on—especially in regards to Writing Covered Calls.
  3. On other fronts: I’ve heard it said that the target of the upcoming administration, that they want to make America, “the most hospitable place for business in the world.” I hope this becomes a way of life. Did you know isn many ways, our Founding Fathers established this country’s business policies to be a haven for world businesses.
  4. Netflix (NFLX) has announced that it will provide within their service the ability to download content. Once on you phone, you can watch it anywhere—no wifi required—even on airplanes. Apple said that the new IPhone 8 is getting ready to go. It will have a curved screen and battery-charging that will be wireless. Think about that. There are still millions of people that believe that wireless phones next to your head causes brain cancer. What will it be like them when there is power floating through the air? It will be a case for the Power Rangers. Oh, and there’s a new Power Ranger movie on the horizon. It’s just in time. It will be powerful.

That’s it for now, more later.

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Creepy and Creeping Regulations

Regulations are a form of control. Why own something when you can regulate it to death.

When this new Administration speaks of reducing onerous regulations, it is right on track. There are thousands upon thousands of regulations which should be banished. Financially, Dodd-Frank is worse than ObamaCare—and don’t get me started on the Affordable Care Act.

Regulations cost Billions and Billions of Dollars in compliance. Most are nonsensical, anti-business and debilitating.

Mr. Trump, the number one way to Make America Great Again is to get Government out of the way. Americans will solve our problems, not government. As Ronald Reagan said: “government is not the solution, it is the problem.

Unnecessary regulations (and they’re all mostly unnecessary) lead to a creeping and creepy morass.